Custom couch - Leighjer

25 years ago Devan started a job and worked for a local manufacturer in Durban.  This is where he was taught the trade.  5 years into the job he realised that he could be doing more.  The journey begins with him out of his comfort zone of a secure job and a safe environment financially, into nothing quite close to even a job. Devan started doing re-upholstery for decorators, curtain makers and private individuals. Working from home for a while and then moving into a little shared workshop space, the business started to grow.  As the years progressed more and more traders started to recommend our workmanship and service and soon our company grew to the size it is today.  Leighjer was started in the year 2000, this is when we stepped out into full scale manufacturing.


We have managed to build great relationships with amazingly talented people along the way.  Most of whom stretched our abilities and pushed us to become one of the leading manufacturers of custom design seating in Durban.


We are a family run business and continue to focus on building relationships rather than just sofas. 


Our aim is to build skill and community between the manufacturer, designer and the end user allowing us to be the best at what we do.


We are thankful to Our Lord Jesus Christ for the grace He has given us and the opportunity to do what we are doing.  All things are possible to those who believe in Him.